This website is named for my book, The Earth Will Reel, a look at the Bible’s geological prophecies. For all my science and science-fiction books, click “Dan’s books.”

For more on the thesis of The Earth Will Reel, watch this short video. In my view, the comet is merely one agent of the wrath, set on its course by a massive intruder into our solar system that accounts for the comet’s trajectory and itself produces other effects that fulfill biblical prophecies. 

The final phase of the Wrath uses a comet from Dan Graves on Vimeo.


Insights from Dreher

Recently I read Thinkr’s condensation of Rod Dreher’s Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents. One key insight: “Fragmentation and isolation are close friends that cultivate the ideal breeding ground for an oppressive ideology to flourish.” He recommends we engage with small groups who practice truth apart from oppressive technology, because the most …

Cancel Culture

Revelation 13:15-18 depicts cancel culture in its ultimate expression and 2 Thessalonians 2:11 warns us that the Man of Lawlessness (= the antichrist and the beast) will appear in a world beset by corruption and strong delusions. The socio-economic conditions predicted in Scripture for the end times are congealing around us. Two indicators evolving in …

A Chilling Comment

Finished reading Michael Rectenwald’s Google Archipelago a couple days ago. He lays out the leftist totalitarian tendencies of big tech. One of his most chilling observations (page 128 of the Kindle version) is “‘Russiagate’ must be understood as probably the first major combined effort by the political establishment, the mass media, and Big Digital to …


This website goes with the book The Earth Will Reel. I needed some place to share the latest discoveries that confirm the content of the book, as well as a place to discuss its scenario with others. And I wanted a place to share my musings about God’s wonderful creation, about his provision for salvation, and about coming judgment.

To purchase the book, go to amazon.com and look for Dan Graves, The Earth Will Reel.

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