Should you be vaxxed for the current virus?

First let it be said no one should be forced to take an experimental drug. Indeed, under the Nuremburg Code the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. See or etc.

See also Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Americans in a clinical study must give their written consent to any medical treatment such as vaccination. Informed consent requires candidates for vaccination to be given the right to refuse vaccination; have the right to confidentiality (privacy) that their vaccination data will not be shared with other parties without their consent; and have the right to know if there are any alternatives to vaccination.

To give voluntary consent, you need information. But how can you make an informed decision when many powerful news outlets, governmental agencies, and social platforms have combined to suppress questions about the efficacy and safety of the supposed remedy? Since plenty of sources, official and unofficial, are urging you to get the shot, here are a few sources with good credentials warning otherwise.


Dr. Peter MacCullough

Dr. Mike Yeadon Was vice-president of Pfizer research. He uses the words “criminal” and “evil” in describing what is being done with the vaccines.

Charles Hoffe.

Dr. Bossche, a world-renowned vaccinologist.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi An American-trained microbiologist, Bhakdi says the mRNA vaccines are, not only loaded with poisons, they alter the natural immune system in such a way that it will greatly overreact when the victim is exposed later to almost any pathogen including the common flu. also at

Dr. Karladine Graves has a knack for explaining in everyday terms why the vax is dangerous.

ARTICLES European Medicines Agency Official: “Clear Link” Between AstraZeneca Vaccine and Blood Clots in the Brain

Dr. Steven Hotze M.D. “Moderna has never successfully developed a product for treatment of any disease prior to this,” he states. “An experimental gene therapy using synthetic mRNA to treat an infectious disease has never been attempted in humans, because of its failure in previous animal studies.”

Here are forms that might cause your employer or school to think twice before forcing you to take the shot: