Dostoevsky’s devilish insight

I am impressed that Dostoevsky saw clearly the insanity that follows when people try to live without moral imperatives. We need grounding in something greater than ourselves—actually in the infinite. Even the combined wisdom of all mankind (supposing such a thing could be distilled) would not be a sufficient base for action. Some of Dostoevsky’s nihilists (in his novel The Possessed aka The Devils) saw the need to invoke Christ. However, because they were at heart unbelievers, the invocation of Christ was merely a tool in their schemes, and consequently exerted no moral power.

Dostoevsky’s insight exposes Satan’s tactics. Antichrist will, I think, ride in on a wave of pretended restoration of moral values and verities, and thus be welcomed by Christians and conservatives. Let us hope they will quickly wake up to his true nature.