Retrograde thoughts

Almost every one of the hundreds of planets so far discovered around other stars orbits in the direction the star rotates. This has to do with the way planets form. According to the British Wide Area Search for Planets, working in collaboration the the Geneva observatory, they have discovered the first planet to orbit in a retrograde manner—opposite of its star’s rotation.

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Hendriksen’s mountain in the sea

The first verse of Revelation and the first verse of chapter four tell us that we are being shown “the things” that must soon take place. (NIV translates it “what must take place.”) The idea is that we are being shown events that are to take place during a definite time-span in which God’s wrath is poured out.

One of those events (Revelation 8:8) is a mountain-like object cast into the sea. Continue reading “Hendriksen’s mountain in the sea”

Our View of Israel Matters

Hendricksen in More than Conquerors, a popular study of Revelation (Baker Books, 1967 p. 65), writes, “How anyone can say that the Jews of today are still, in a very special and glorious and preeminent sense, God’s people, is more than we can understand. God Himself calls those who reject the Savior and persecute true believers ‘the synagogue of Satan.’ They are no longer His people.”

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Interstellar object passes through our solar system

When I wrote The Earth Will Reel, it seemed that some force was needed to tie together the events that the Bible predicts. I hypothesized that an interstellar object will pass through our solar system coming from above or below the solar plane. At that time it seemed merely a likely scenario. The Bible does not explicitly say it will happen, but occam’s razor suggested it.

Now astronomers are pretty sure an interstellar object just passed into our system and is on its way out. This is the first detected passage of an interstellar object through our system. The object has far less mass than is required for the events in my book, but is intriguing as suggesting that my scenario is at least plausible on one level. Read the story for yourself at — and by the way, there is a nice animation in the article.